Requirements to become an ESPEN centre

1) Access to in- and outpatients consultations in clinical nutrition and to medical nutrition basic procedures (routine enteral and parenteral nutrition options and techniques)

2) Adequate teaching experience and availability of the trainers

3) Adequate space for trainees

4) Current ESPEN membership of at least 2 trainers


•       Possibility to stop a training if the trainee does not apply with local ethical rules


•       Writing of letter of invitation for the trainee, mentioning the timeframe

•       Provide training in accordance to the application form

•       Feedback to the trainee

•       Letter of attendance at the end of the stay for participants

The form has to be sent to the ECPC Chairperson by the president of the national PEN society. It will be accepted as long as it fills in the ESPEN selection criteria. If there are more than 4 training centers applying in one country, the selection of the training centres should be performed by the president and/or boards of the national PEN society.

Form: Kindly fill and save this file