Wretlind Lecture

2022 Vienna
A. Van Gossum (BE)
A clinician's journey

2021 Virtual
P. Singer (IL)
Like a bridge over troubled waters: Nutrition in the ICU

2020 Virtual
A. Thorell (SE)
Metabolic response in bariatric surgery - Mechanisms and clinical implications

2019 Krakow
L. Gianotti (IT)
Perioperative nutritional care: patient-tailored or organ-specific approach?

2018 Madrid
T. Cederholm (SE)
Nutrition at the crossroads

2017 The Hague
J. Kondrup (DK)
The structured procedure of nutrition support: between dream and daily practice

2016 Copenhagen
S. McClave (USA)
The gastrointestinal tract in stress

2015 Lisbon
M. Braga (IT)
Evolving concepts on perioperative metabolism and support

2014 Geneva
A. Schols (NL)
Metabolism & nutrition: shifting paradigms in COPD management

2013 Leipzig
M. Berge (CH)
Evolving concepts in parenteral nutrition

2012 Barcelona
B. Koletzko (DE)
The first 1000 days of human life: nutritional impact on life-long health

2011 Gothenburg
K. Fearon (UK)
Cancer cachexia: impact of translational research of patient-focused outcomes

2010 Nice
B. Messing (FR)
Intestinal failure: from adaptation to transplantation

2009 Vienna
C. Pichard (CH)
Body composition: why?

2008 Florence
J. Wernerman (SE)
Glutamine supplementation in the ICU

2007 Prague
H. Lochs (DE)
Disturbed intestinal permeability: a key to mechanism for cachexia and catabolism

2006 Istanbul
O. Ljungqvist (SE)
Metabolism and recovery after surgery

2005 Brussels
R. Chiolero (SE)
Feeding the critically ill patient: old and new perspectives

2004 Lisbon
M. Gassull
Nutritional sciences: old knowledge, new concepts?

2003 Cannes
E. Vinnars
The history of nutritional support in the last 25 years

2002 Glasgow
B.R. Bristian
Immuno-nutrition: What is the clinical evidence?

2001 Munich
O. Hernell
Molecular and physicochemical aspects of fat digestion

2000 Madrid
J. Wahren
Nutrition and splanchnic metabolism

1999 Stockholm
T. Olivecrona
Triglyceride transport and metabolism - Where is the regulation

1998 Nice
J.M. Keteisiegers
Interaction between nutrients and growth factors

1997 Amsterdam
S.J.H. van Deventer
Immunomodulation of inflammatory bowel disease

1996 Geneva
M.I. Kilberg
Nutrition and gene expression

1995 Rome
C. Cobelli
Tracers and models in the study of human metabolism

1994 Birmingham
D. Häussinger
Regulation of metabolism by changes in cellular hydration

1993 Budapest
K. Lundholm
Metabolic and nutritional response to intravenous nutrition

1992 Vienna
S.P. Allison
The uses and limitations of nutritional support

1991 Antwerp
C. Matuchansky
Malnutrition and the gut

1990 Athens
H. Kehlet
Surgical stress and postoperative outcome. What is the issue?

1989 Helsinki
D.J. Millward
Hormonal regulation of protein turnover

1988 Leipzig
Y.A. Carpentier
Metabolism of intravenous lipid emulsions

1987 Barcelona
J. Bergström
Protein metabolism in renal failure

1986 Paris
D.B.A. Silk
Towards optimal enteral nutrition

1985 Munich
M.J. Rennie
Metabolic insights from the use of stable isotopes in physiology and nutrition

1984 Milan
P. Furst
Regulation of intracellular metabolism of amino acid

1983 Brussels
D.H. Williamson
Regulation of substrate utilization

1982 Vienna
G. Dietze
Interorgan substate flow

1979 Stockholm
Current status of total parenteral nutrition